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Postgres on Heroku

How To Connect to a PostgreSQL Database on Heroku

Sign In to Heroku

Log in to the Heroku dashboard. You should see a list of your apps.


In this example the app we want to connect to the database for is called arctype-db-test.

Find the Add on or Resource

Click into the app. In Heroku, database are attached to instances as Add-Ons but can also be accessed in the Resources page.


Open the Datastore Settings

You will open the datastore settings in a new tab and be greeted by an Overview screen. Click over to the Settings tab for the Datastore to see a link to Database Credentials.


Expand the Database Credentials Tab

To view the credentials for accessing Postgres, click the link to expand them.


Important: Heroku has encryption turned on by default so you will need to select SSL when using a SQL client like Arctype to connect to your Heroku Postgres database.

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