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Postgres on AWS

How To Connect to Postgres on AWS

Go the the Relational Database Service (RDS)

amazon aws RDS service selection

Click on the Database Instances List

amazon RDS database instances list

Select the Database by its Identifier

amazon RDS database select by identifier

Get the Database Hostname

amazon RDS database host info

Get the Database User and Password

These will have to be known to you or provided to you by someone on your team. AWS does support setting the root password which you can change by modifying the database.

amazon RDS set database root password

Firewalls and IP Whitelisting for Postgres

Your security settings may prevent access from anyone on the internet. AWS uses security groups to do much of its network level security. Click on the security groups to view the inbound rules that will allow your client machine to connect to the database.

amazon RDS firewalls and IP whitelisting

Add your Machine IP to the Whitelist

Find the IP address of your machine. Oftentimes you can just search for this online.

find your IP address

Add your IP to the Inbound Rules to Connect to Postgres

add your IP address to amazon RDS whitelist

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