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Connecting Arctype to YugabyteDB

Get the right version

There are 3 versions of YugabyteDB that are available across several platforms. You can read about them and choose on the Yugabyte Install Page. This guide covers YugabyteDB Local Install and Yugabyte Cloud, a fully-managed cloud service. The third method, a multi-node cluster deployment supported on AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes, is not covered.

YugabyteDB Local Install

YugabyteDB is supported on macOS, Linux, Kubernetes through minikube, and Docker whereby YugabyteDB can be run on Windows with WSL.

To install for macOS run the following commands and set the version numbers as appropriate.

curl -O$VERSION/yugabyte-$VERSION-b89-darwin-x86_64.tar.gz
tar xvfz yugabyte-$VERSION-b89-darwin-x86_64.tar.gz && cd yugabyte-$VERSION/
./bin/yugabyted start

The command is similar for Linux. For Docker, be sure to set the version number or else you will get the latest build instead of the last stable build.

Once the local database server is running, grab a SQL client like Arctype and enter in the port and username, which by default is yugabyte.

Connect to Yugabyte Locally

Yugabyte Cloud Setup

Go to the Yugabyte Cloud Console click on your cluster, click on Connect, and grab the credentials. You MUST allow your IP address in the cluster by using Yugabyte Cloud's whitelist feature. You can copy them all at once into a SQL client like Arctype as shown below.

Postgres User Permissions

When connecting, you must be sure to add your machine's IP address to Yugabyte Cloud's IP allow list.

Connect to YugabyteDB with a SQL Client

YugabyteDB is supported with a first class integration in Arctype and shown below in dark and light mode.

Postgres User Permissions

How the Arctype <> YugabyteDB Integration Works

To read more on the features available with this integration, please refer to the Arctype Docs on YugabyteDB. To see an example application of building an eBook store please see this blog post featuring YugabyteDB.

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