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How to Connect Arctype and Linode

Arctype provides a fast and easy platform for writing queries, building dashboards, and sharing data with your team.

Databases hosted on Linode cloud can easily be connected to Arctype for effective queries. You'll also be provided with an admin dashboard that makes it easy to manage database data effectively by any member of your team.

In this article, we will be learning how to connect Arctype with MySQL in Linode cloud.


To complete this tutorial, the following prerequisites are required:

  • You should have an Arctype account - click here to register an account.
  • You should have a Linode account and have the ‘OS set up already’ on the account.

Installing MySQL in Linode

Let start by installing MySQL on Linode cloud. In order to install MySQL, login to your Linode dashboard and click on Select App under Marketplace and then search for MySQL/MariaDB.

Select the relevant connection information in Linode

Select the MySQL/MariaDB option and fill in the Configuration Form Option that follows.

The table below shows some of the fields with their respective descriptions:

Field Description
MySQL or MariaDB Select the database service want to use
MySQL Root Password The root password for your MySQL database
MySQL User The username that will have access to your MySQLDB database.
MySQL Password The username password for your MySQL database.
Create Database The name of the database to create on MySQL.

Connecting Arctype and Linode

Now that we have successfully installed and created a new MySQL database on Linode cloud, let us connect the database with our workspace on Arctype. This process is pretty simple and straightforward:

Login to your Arctype account (or, if you're new to Arctype, create an account and click on Get Started - this will take you to a page where you can add a connection to your workspace, after which you'll be good to go).

Select your connection type as shown below. In this tutorial we’re making use of MySQL connection.

Selecting your connection type

Let's add a new connection to our workspace by selecting MySQL and filling in the connection credentials details with the credentials used for the Linode MySQL configuration in order to connect to the database that you have created.

Completing the connection information

Click on Test Connection and then Save.

The table below shows the detailed description of each field.

Field Description
Name Name helps you to keep track of your connections in case you want to open many connections.
Host This is the hostname of your database server. Use your Linode host address.
Port Port is where it is hosted. The default is 3306 for MySQL.
User Enter the username that you create for the database.
Password Enter the user password for the database.
Database Enter the name of the database that you create on Linode.

After the connection has been saved successfully, this will take you to the workspace as shown below.

Workspace view

Now from the Arctype Workspace you and your team can add new tables and queries the database effectively, using the tools provided by Arctype.


In this tutorial, we learned how to install MySQL on Linode cloud and then connect it to Arctype, and we learned about the associated configuration settings.

Using the Arctype client to connect to the database gives you the tools you and your team need to manage your database in one workspace effectively.

If you are new to Arctype, you can read more about the Arctype documentation for additional information that you will need in using Arctype.

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