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MySQL on Google Cloud

Connect to MySQL on Google Cloud

Log into the Google Cloud Console Main Dashboard

Log into the Google Cloud console and click through to the SQL dashboard in Google Cloud SQL.


Get the IP Address of the Instance

Note down the Public IP Address of the database instance. This will typically be referred to as the hostname in database clients.


Edit the Instance to See More Details


Check the Connection Settings

To ensure that you will be able to access the instance, check the Connection settings by expanding the Connections dropdown.


If you have a public IP address enabled, you must also have the proper level of network access. You can add your IP address to the Authorized Networks list by searching for it in most search engines.


Get the User and Password

On the left, click on the Users tab to see what users are allowed to connect to the instance. In this example, the root user is the only user but it is advised to have a different user with more restricted permissions be your main access point. When the instance was created, this user would have been assigned a password. If you do not have the password, you can click on the user to edit it and change the password.


Connect to your MySQL database on Google Cloud

Now you have the IP address, username, and password you are ready to connect! You can use a SQL client like Arctype to enter this information in and see your tables and run queries.

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