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Connect to MySQL on AWS

Obtain the Master Password

When the instance is created, AWS can generate a password or you can provide one. This is the only time this password will be accessible. If you do not store it here you will have to create a new password and restart the instance.

aws connection details

Get the Instance Hostname

In the RDS console, select the list of instances.

aws rds database instances

Click through to the MySQL instance that you want. In the screenshot below, take note of the Endpoint (which will be the hostname) and the Public Accessibility.

aws rds db connection information

To improve the security of this situation, you should restrict which IP addresses can connect to this database. You can check what your machine's IP address is often by searching on Google.

what is my ip address

Connect to the Instance

In a SQL client like Arctype, you now can enter the Hostname, User, Password, and Database to connect. In MySQL, the default database is just mysql. If you are modifying the instance (for example changing the security group), it can take a few moments for changes to apply.

arctype connect to database

Click Test Connection to check if everything worked and Save!

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