Unused Indexes in MySQL: A Basic Guide

Indexes are frequent friends for SELECT queries; however, if we want to use indexes, we must ensure that our database instances use them first. Indexes that are not utilized by our database instances are useless – they waste space and make INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries slower.

By Lukas Vileikis
8 months ago
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A Guide to MySQL JOINS

Large quantities of data are often stored in MySQL databases. Analysts and DBAs are constantly required to extract records from two or more tables based on specific requirements in order to evaluate that data quickly. This is when JOINS come in handy.

By Blessing krofegha
8 months ago
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How To Use SQL Subqueries

Learn how to filter query results with data from another table, run a query inside another query to merge results, and more in this basic guide to SQL subqueries.

By Solomon Esenyi
9 months ago