Leverage the power of Arctype's modern, and fast SQL client to simplify your workflow.

5 months ago   •   1 min read

By Soumen Saniel

Complex application or personal pet project, one of the most important and time-consuming part is managing data. And let's be honest, managing and maintaining databases can be difficult. That's where Arctype comes in.

Arctype is easy to use, fast, and intuitive SQL client designed to simplify all your data management and visualization requirements.

One-click Database

You can spin up a database and start using it in seconds, filter data, transform it, build beautiful charts and dashboards to visualize it, and share it with your team. The best part is, you can do all this without knowing SQL.

Connect all your data sources

Arctype gives the ability to connect data from a wide variety of data sources like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Sheets, APIs, and many more.

Interact with your data like how you would in a spreadsheet. Export and import data to and from your tables as CSV.

Query and transform data

You can build queries, save and organize them in folders. Keep track of all your query changes with query histories.

Filter, join, and transform data from multiple tables and data sources in one place.

If you are new to SQL, the SQL editor is packed with features like query templates, auto-suggest, auto variable detect, which will make writing SQL easy and fun.

Build dashboards and internal apps

Arctype provides a powerful, easy to use, drag, and drop dash-boarding tool for creating rich interactive dashboards and simple internal tools. Drag and drop from a wide range of interactive charts and UI elements like buttons and forms, connect your queries and transforms and you have a dashboard ready in no time.

Generate PDF reports from your dashboards. Schedule report generation and get updated reports from your dashboards emailed.

Collaborate and share

Collaborate and share with your team using organizations and workspaces. Control permissions with different access levels.

Whether you are into development, analytics, marketing, or any other role which requires managing and analyzing data, Arctype has a tone of useful and exciting features in its arsenal to ease your workflow.

It's free to use. Check out Arctype to get started.

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