5 Hacks to Improve Your SQL Productivity with Arctype

Learn how Arctype Slash Commands, Query History, and more can improve your SQL productivity.

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Derek Xiao
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Doing common tasks just 10% faster can add up over time - saving weeks of effort every year. For developers, choosing the right tool can become a competitive advantage.

Arctype is built for those who want to build faster.

Arctype is a new SQL editor that allows developers to share data, queries, and visualizations with their team, removing the old process of sharing SQL via screenshots and email.

Beyond sharing, Arctype includes additional features to level up your SQL productivity. Here are five that we use on a daily basis:

  1. Slash commands
  2. Directly editing tables
  3. Query history
  4. Query variables
  5. Command bar

Slash Commands To Speed Up Development

What would you do if you had to update every entry with a specific parameter? This is when most of us would probably turn to Google for a quick refresh on that specific SQL syntax.

/slash commands allow you to pre-fill the syntax for popular SQL commands. It also includes autocomplete for each input field so you don’t have to remember specific table or column names.

Edit Tables Like Spreadsheets

Occasionally there’s a situation where we need to update just one value for a specific row in a table.

Instead of writing that UPDATE statement, double click on any cell in a data display and edit it directly with Arctype.

Restore Past Versions of Queries

Getting the perfect SQL query is often trial and error. It’s easy to get lost in this process after making multiple changes to a query.

Arctype saves a version history of every query, so you can an easily find that past version and start fresh.

Create Reusable Scripts with Query Variables

Add query variables to your scripts to reuse the same query with different arguments.

Find Files Instantly with the Command Bar

Data sources, queries, functions, dashboards... keeping track of all of your files can get messy.

Use the shortcut Cmd+K to pull up the Command Bar and search across your entire Workspace to find the query you need.

Building a Better SQL Editor

These are five of the features that we use on a daily basis to improve our SQL productivity. Let us know what tips you all have as well!

Tweet us @getarctype your favorite features in your SQL editor, or what features you would love to see in Arctype!

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