v0.9.44: YugabyteDB Integration

Arctype integrates with YugabyteDB, the most scalable, Postgres-compatible distributed database.

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By Everett Berry

Arctype has focused since our very first release on having the best Postgres support in a SQL client. Today we are expanding that to the ecosystem, by adding a custom integration to YugabyteDB, the most scalable, Postgres-compatible distributed database. Read about some of the special features for Yugabyte users and the Postgres community in the Arctype integration announcement on Yugabyte's blog.

Copy and paste to connect YugabyteDB to Arctype

In the GIF above, users can easily copy their credentials from Yugabyte Cloud into Arctype and connect. Notice that the database URL is fully YSQL compliant and the default port is set automatically as well. For more information on connecting check out the guide on connecting to YugabyteDB in Arctype.

Edit the distributed table properties for YugabyteDB in Arctype

One of the most special things about Yugabyte is distributed tables, tables that are globally available and automatically sharded for you. When you create a YugabyteDB table in Arctype, it is automatically distributed. In the image above you can also edit the table to change its colocation, sharding, hashing, and other properties to get exactly the scalability you want. Powerful stuff!

Download Excel files from Dashboards

YugabyteDB is not the only thing we have been up to. Read below for the full list of polishes, bugfixes, and changes. A particular highlight is the new ability to download data in Excel format directly from dashboards. As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

Version 0.9.44 Release Notes:


  • YugabyteDB integration
  • Download as Excel file for tables in dashboards
  • Deleting connections does not close the connection modal
  • Improved updates logic
  • Highlight item being edited in Edit Table
  • Monospace font option in settings
  • Switch tabs using Ctrl + Tab
  • Add Show SQL button to creating and editing table flows


  • Searching large results in query view does not cause flashing
  • Fix crash when deleting from table view
  • Add to dashboard from query view only requires a single click
  • Better alignment for buttons in dashboards
  • Prevent forced logout on update in some cases
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