v0.9.49: Multi-sort and Cell Inspector are now available in Arctype

Cell inspector, multiple sorts, table improvements, and more!

a year ago   •   3 min read

By Mike Young

This Arctype update has a few quality-of-life improvements that developers have been asking for, like a better cell inspector and multi-column sort.

Cell Inspector

Previously, only JSON could be viewed and edited in the right sidebar. Now ALL text is available in the new Cell Inspector tool. This tool allows you to easily and cleanly view the contents of each cell, line breaks included. You can make changes or copy the cell data from the Inspector.

Multi-column Sorts

Additionally, you can now apply multiple sorts to tables and re-order them. Click the “Add Sort” button as many times as you need. When you’re ready to write some SQL, click “Generate SQL,” and every sort and filter you added will be generated in a query.

When you’ve applied your sort criteria, each sort filter shows up highlighted at the top of the affected column so you always know what data is being sorted as you flip between pages.

Snap to Fit

Double-clicking on a column boundary now allows you to expand the column to the width of its largest cell. As always, you can manually resize columns by dragging them to the desired width.

Tab Improvements

We’ve updated our tab scrolling system. Now, when you press control+tab to change tabs, your active tab is always in view. Arctype will also highlight the tab you’re using to your left, so you’ll always know exactly where you are. Cmd/Ctrl W also closes tabs, so you can clean up after writing lots of queries. Finally, use Cmd + Alt + Arrow Keys to zip around your tabs. Check out the full docs for Arctype Shortcuts for more keyboard shortcuts.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

Version 0.9.49 Release Notes:


  • Cell Inspector
  • Sort multiple columns in order
  • Enhanced workspace syncing controls
  • Tab bar scroll position now follows the selected tab
  • Snap to Fit columns
  • Arctype builds twice as fast (good job devs!)
  • Added a new shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+W hotkey for closing tabs
  • Added a new shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+, to open settings
  • SSL certs are positioned correctly in the Connection modal
  • Improved syncing for dashboards
  • Min/max range considers all values for multi-axis charts
  • Log In and Sign Up have better separation on the first screen
  • Easier navigation to workspaces for the connection screen
  • Multiple database switch for Postgres connections
  • Added enhancement to close windows when no tabs are present
  • Improvements to monospace text rendering


  • Fixed bug relating to blank screens on initial connections
  • Allow Arctype to be pinned to the taskbar or dock
  • Fixed a bug with multi-db queries
  • Fixed a bug where some queries would not be canceled
  • Fixed an issue deleting columns for MySQL 5.5 and MariaDB 10
  • Fixed bugs that caused some queries to fail
  • Fixed the share modal position
  • Fix a crash in Members settings with some combinations of permissions
  • Fixed a bug to ensure the app properly displays larges ints

Bonus: New Docs and New Connection Guides

Our docs team has been hard at work: we hope you like our new documentation for filtering and sorting tables, using query variables, and importing a CSV. Forget something? New connection guides to do a password reset with MySQL and a password reset for Postgres may help. We also collaborated with TimescaleDB to publish a SQL logging blog post and made a guide for connecting to TimescaleDB in our expanding resources pages.

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