Version 0.9.10: Rebuilding the Spreadsheet Component

With 0.9.10, we’re excited to announce that the entire spreadsheet component has been rebuilt from scratch. Users should see a substantial performance improvement wherever spreadsheet components exist.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Zach Naimon

For the past few releases, we’ve focused heavily on improving Arctype’s core features. 0.9.0 improved dashboard mechanics, 0.9.4 shipped with a new query editor, and 0.9.5 added query result streaming. Through this all, one core feature remained unchanged: the spreadsheet component that powers Table View and the Results pane in Query View.

Until now, we used the AG Grid library to draw database tables and query result sets throughout the app and it works pretty well. You can drop it in and get a huge amount of functionality out of the box. However, it has presented some notable challenges. Customizing AG Grid as we’ve iterated has made the spreadsheet component increasingly hard to manage, caused feature creep, and introduced performance issues—particularly noticeable after we implemented query streaming in 0.9.5 because the component had to be redrawn after every render.

With 0.9.10, we’re excited to announce that the entire spreadsheet component has been rebuilt from scratch. Despite not using any external libraries, the new component uses fewer lines of code and is substantially easier to extend as we continue to iterate. In particular, it’s much more flexible with regards to how data is passed in, presenting opportunities for features such as asynchronous data loading in the future. For users, this should improve app performance wherever spreadsheet components exist:

spreadsheet component side-by-side comparison

In the side-by-side comparison above, you’ll notice that the old AG Grid component visibly flashes as query results are rendered. With the new component, everything is faster and smoother. Users can now also click and drag to select multiple cells and copy directly into other spreadsheet apps:

copy data to spreadsheet

Version 0.9.10 Release Notes:


  • Redesigned filters in table view to have a smoother experience
  • Copy/paste multiple rows and columns to a spreadsheet
  • Big improvements to collaboration. Users should be able to more smoothly see the queries, databases, and dashboards that their teammates are adding in the same workspace.
  • Users can now leave shared workspaces from the settings page
  • Added Close other tabs option when right clicking on tabs
  • General improvements to the UI across the board


  • Fixed an issue with toolbars on smaller screens
  • Selecting a database in the connection modal no longer changes the selected database in the background
  • Fixed a bug where the close tab confirmation popup would show up if there's any tab with a running query, rather than only if the tab that's being closed has a query running in progress
  • Fixed a bug on mac where closing the app (but not quitting) would break querying until fully restarting

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