v0.9.40: Improved Searching, Pagination, and Sharing

Pagination, search, and sharing have gotten some big upgrades. Plus, you can nominate Arctype for a Golden Kitty!

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By Zach Naimon
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We ended 2021 with a DROP! No tables were harmed, but we did launch on Product Hunt. It went super well, and we are grateful to everyone that reviewed us and tweeted. It's now awards season, and you can help us walk the red carpet by voting for Arctype for a Golden Kitty! Meow.

Arctype - Supercharged SQL client for developers and teams | Product Hunt

Arctype kicks off 2022 with upgrades for power users and stability improvements throughout the SQL client. Pagination controls everywhere mean you can choose to see 10, 50, or 1,000 rows at a time in the Table View, the Query editor, or in Dashboards. As a result, teams can more easily share workspaces and collaborate on their databases.

Dropdowns are now searchable everywhere. Whether you are looking for the correct schema, table, data type, column, or anything else, you can look it up quickly. Plus, we have implemented many improved mechanics for switching tabs and using the left sidebar. Read below for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

P.S.: Insert JSON directly into your DB with copy/paste.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

Version 0.9.40 Release Notes:


  • Added Slack-style ‘hybrid’ scrollbars
  • Update button improvements
  • Left sidebar context menu and dropdown selector polish
  • Added option to disable Intercom in the app
  • Improved tab bar mechanics
  • Added support for ‘serial’ field type in MySQL (auto-incrementing type)
  • Added pagination settings for Table view
  • Pagination settings now scoped to tabs
  • Various refactors
  • Improvements to sharing workflows


  • Fixed bug where ssh-keygen SSH keys were being rejected
  • Fixed bug where queries containing specific string failed to save
  • Various minor bug fixes throughout the app
  • Fixed a bug with multi-database queries
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