Version 0.9.5: SQL Clients Enter The Streaming Era

We’ve been blown away by the amount of data that users are querying with Arctype, which is why version 0.9.5 introduces query result streaming, aimed at improving the query experience for larger databases.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Zach Naimon

Prior to this release, Arctype executed queries and then waited for all results to come back before rendering anything. In most cases this works fine, but we think that a good SQL client should always feel snappy—even when returning thousands (or even millions) of rows from large result sets.

With streaming, we now render results in batches as they are returned. We initially began testing this feature with a batch size of 100, which we later increased to 1000. This batch size adjustment further increases performance by reducing the number of requests necessary to return a full result set, thereby also reducing network latency and, consequently, query execution times.

The first rows are displayed considerably faster and the row count increases as more results come in. To try out query result streaming, update your desktop app or get it here.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

0.9.5 Release Notes


  • Improved connection pooling
  • Connection information is now shown in the upper right corner of the app. Users can click on this icon to see the connection status for their databases
  • Added better support for views in various parts of the app
  • Users can now switch tabs while a query is running and come back to the tab later without losing the data from the query in progress
  • Query history now also saves the query variables that were used in those queries
  • Various UI improvements


  • Fixed bug where table view did not update to reflect recently inserted or deleted rows after switching tabs
  • Queries in dashboards now no longer run when there's already a query in progress for the same chart
  • Cursor position is now maintained after auto formatting a query
  • Tables that were deleted from a database no longer show up in home view

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