v0.9.27: PlanetScale Integration. And Exports.

PlanetScale GUI, unlimited imports and exports, indexes, and a bunch of delightful little improvements.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Everett Berry

Today we are proud to announce our exclusive integration with PlanetScale, our favorite database for developers.

PlanetScale is a powerful database with an impeccable developer experience. It features easy scaling, unlimited connections, and a branching and merging workflow that is the best we’ve seen for making schema updates. We are thrilled to provide the first PlanetScale GUI for connecting to branches, switching branches, and even creating deploy requests. Right inside Arctype.

Deploy schema changes from PlanetScale development branches directly in Arctype.

The GIF above shows the deploy workflow. You can also read about Arctype on the PlanetScale blog and check out the whole demo below.

Now, on to the grind! We have removed the file size limits on importing CSVs and the 10,000 row limit on exporting data. We wrote about the deep technical changes for this here.That means that in many cases you can download your entire table as a CSV or Excel file directly within Arctype. If that’s, you know, something you’re into.

View indexes and the SQL to create them in Table view.

Now in Table View you can see the indexes associated with your tables, as well as the SQL used to generate them. We’ve written extensively on indexing (link to tag) and trust us - the 5 seconds you spend adding them to your tables will save you hours of accumulated time waiting for results.

Multiple Y axes make graphing data at different scales much better.

Lastly we love making little quality of life changes for developers. We have a team with over 40 dashboards and hundreds of queries. That kind of scale comes with some special considerations like needing more powerful charting features. Now in Arctype you can add multiple Y axes with different ranges. This is great for sign-up funnels or financial modeling where you may have orders of magnitude differences in the data.

With that, full release notes are below, and keep telling us what improvements we can make in Discord!

Version 0.9.27 Release Notes


  • PlanetScale integration
  • Unlimited export to CSV, Excel
  • Unlimited CSV import
  • View indexes in Table View
  • Add multiple Y axes to charts
  • SSL preferred
  • Search in dropdowns
  • Query variables hidden by default, type {{variable}} to show the pane.


  • Fixed a bug where exports could result in blank files
  • Fixed a crash when no column was specified for the X axis
  • Fix an issue with the Connection status indicator
  • Improve the behavior when a Connection is deleted
  • Improve the way deleted columns are handled during CSV upload
  • Fix some issues when queries are cancelled

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