Version 0.9.8: Offline Mode + All-New JSON Viewer!

We’re proud to announce that, with the new offline mode feature added for version 0.9.8, now you can continue to work with your databases offline.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Zach Naimon

Even when your internet connection is intermittent or disconnected, you should always be able to use Arctype. We’re proud to announce that, with the new offline mode feature added for version 0.9.8, now you can.  This (highly requested) feature is a huge milestone for us because it lets our users continue to work with their databases offline.

Under the hood, implementing offline mode primarily entailed changing how the app syncs your workspace with our servers. Previous versions of Arctype required a stable internet connection because the client had to wait on a server response for each API call before updating the frontend to reflect any state change.  Thus, in order to do things like update a query so that your teammates can see your changes, the app needed to communicate with the server.

With version 0.9.8, all API calls are now optimistic, meaning that the app no longer waits for a server response before committing updates.  Instead, it will cache API requests until it can connect to the server and apply the updates to your workspace in the cloud.  As a result, you can now continue to use Arctype even when you’re offline.

Optimistic updates also substantially improve performance—the app feels snappier with instant frontend updates.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that 0.9.8 ships with an all-new JSON data viewer that displays an expanded view of JSON cell data. We implemented this highly requested feature so that users can view their data not just in a spreadsheet format, but also as a JSON object. Users can easily copy this JSON object so that they can use it with their other apps or in their code.

To try out this new version, update your desktop app or get it here.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

v0.9.8 Release Notes:


  • Support for exporting query results as Microsoft Excel files
  • Display expanded prettified view of JSON cell data by clicking View JSON
  • Moved connection settings into its own modal with a cleaner experience—users can open by clicking on the settings gear icon and selecting Manage Connections
  • The connection dropdown in query view now highlights pink when changed
  • Minor improvements to the SSH credentials pop-up for teammates
  • Numeric types in the spreadsheets now align to the right
  • Users can now set editor indent spaces in the workspace settings
  • Query variables can now be used within quotes (e.g. SELECT * FROM users WHERE email ILIKE "%{{email}}%")
  • Added ‘View Table Schema’ pane to table view, toggle-able from the ‘More Options’ (•••) dropdown menu
  • SSH private keys can now be selected using a file picker
  • General UI improvements


  • Pie charts now treat null values as 0 correctly instead of showing a blank chart
  • Fixed bugs relating to Set NULL in table view
  • Fixed a bug when adding empty check constraints in edit table and create table view
  • Fixed a bug where deep links would sometimes not open the associated query or dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where creating a query directly from a mysql table in table view wouldn't wrap tables in backticks correctly
  • Fixed a bug where users sometimes could not select columns from the dropdown when filtering in table view

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