v0.9.16: No Account Needed

New in Arctype v0.9.16: you can now use the app without an account. See the release notes below for a full list of improvements and bugfixes

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Zach Naimon

We’re proud to announce that version 0.9.16 introduces (by far) our most highly-requested feature: users can now select “Continue without an account” during sign-up to use Arctype without an account. All of your favorite features—creating workspaces, saving queries, and building dashboards—are all still available without having to sign up:

shadow account creation arctype

We also have an updated Home View with direct links to our docs and tutorials for Arctype’s most commonly-used features. After adding a connection to the new workspace, users are redirected to our new Home View, where they can learn more about how to harness Arctype's core features:

new home view with tutorials

As your project (and team) grows and you need access to collaborative features such as cloud syncing and sharing, you can easily transition to an online account without losing any of your workspace data:

sharing query promoting shadow account to email account

To try out this new version, update your desktop app or get it here.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

Version 0.9.16 Release Notes:


  • Added options to copy or hide a column by right-clicking the column header
  • Click through to foreign key in table view
  • Added option to store database connections on/offline
  • Re-designed the home view to add a user onboarding progress indicator and table list.
  • Re-designed the login and sign-up pages
  • Enlarged the default text size within the app
  • Improved method for getting Postgres database schemas


  • Fixed a bug where table and query result data below the first row could not be selected
  • Fixed a bug where cell data shifted slightly when selected
  • Fixed a bug where CSV and XSLX exports would sometimes output a 0-byte file
  • Fixed bug where public queries sometimes didn’t work
  • Fixed bugs with editing JSON in table view
  • Fixed a bug where hitting enter after editing a cell value didn’t apply changes
  • Fixed a bug where JSON editor sometimes crashed in DataView
  • Fixed bug where some SQL expressions were improperly broken up during query auto-formatting

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