v0.9.35: Multiple Databases per Server

Arctype now supports multiple databases per server! Plus Supabase DB support, better toasts, a "restart later" option, and more.

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By Everett Berry
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Gif of a user accessing multiple databases.
You can now have multiple DBs per server. Yay!

We have heard you have a lot of databases. It can be a pain to save a new connection for each one. Now you can skip entering which database you want to connect to, and Arctype will connect to every database on your server. This allows you to switch between them! Every tool in Arctype, from Query View to Edit Table, now includes a selector for the database you want to run queries on.

For Postgres, this feature is still in beta. You must have a user that has the same name as a database on your server for multiple databases to work. This is a limitation in the Postgres driver that we will address in a future update.

0.9.35 also includes support for Supabase databases. To find all the bits of connection information, see here. In the screenshot above, you can see our new pink Update Available icon next to the Connection info. You’ll see this when you press ‘Restart Later’ when a new update is available.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

Version 0.9.35 Release Notes:


  • Multiple databases per server
  • Use ILIKE instead of LIKE for Postgres filters
  • Reduce hangtime of toasts by half
  • Add Update/Restart icon when you click ‘Restart Later’
  • After editing a query from a Dashboard, redirect back to the Dashboard


  • Fixed a bug where some types of Postgres databases would not have their tables listed correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the query timer would keep counting after the query had returned
  • Fixed a bug with editing JSON in Table View
  • Fix a bug where a blank screen could show after sign-up
  • Fixed a bug where connection indicator lights would be grayed out
  • Fixed a bug with uploading CSVs to a PlanetScale database
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