0.9.31: Launch, permissions, and more!

After many months building, it’s finally here. Launch Day. Arctype is going live on Product Hunt. Get HYPE!

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Everett Berry
Arctype product hunt launch image
Arctype is live on Product Hunt!

After many months of building, it’s finally here. Launch Day. Arctype is live on Product Hunt. Get HYPE!

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Now back to our regular programming!

User Management

What are some of the most annoying SQL queries to write? Permissions. Which is why so many developers end up with root as the user for their application database - sometimes even in production! Now in Arctype you can create new database users, edit existing users, and set permissions. You can scope by SQL command, table, and even schema.

Best of all, the SQL gets generated automatically and you can review it before you apply the change. To access this feature, click the 3 dots next to ‘Search Tables’ and select ‘Manage Users’.

Stored Procedures and Functions

Next up, we have made some big improvements to how we handle more complex database setups. Now you can view, open, and edit your functions and views from the Table list. When you create functions, views, and stored procedures in the Query view they will appear in these lists.

We aim to fix bugs and push improvements to Arctype every week. But we know this can be disruptive to your workflow. Now, you can choose to update Arctype at a later point.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback and submit feature requests on our Discord!

0.9.31 Release Notes


  • User management
  • Views, functions, and stored procedures
  • Update later
  • Press enter to apply filter
  • Improved shared workspace flows
  • Add index list to Edit Table


  • Fixed a bug where DELIMTER would cause issues
  • Fixed a crash in public queries
  • Handle expired PlanetScale token
  • Fixed issues with schemas and quoted table names
  • Fallback to non SSL connections correctly
  • Correctly handle some edge cases when upgrading to an account

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