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Lukas is an ethical hacker and a speaker running one of the biggest & fastest data breach search engines in the world - He also runs his own blog over at


Unused Indexes in MySQL: A Basic Guide

Indexes are frequent friends for SELECT queries; however, if we want to use indexes, we must ensure that our database instances use them first. Indexes that are not utilized by our database instances are useless – they waste space and make INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries slower.

By Lukas Vileikis
9 days ago

Partitioning MySQL: Why, When, How?

If you are familiar with MySQL, you have probably heard of partitions. Partitions are one of your best friends in regards to query optimization. This article will provide you with a basic overview of partitions to help you understand why they are so important.

By Lukas Vileikis
a month ago

MySQL: Understanding EXPLAIN

If you have found yourself in the MySQL world (at least for a little while), chances are that you have probably heard about the usage of EXPLAIN. In the MySQL world, this keyword is everywhere.

By Lukas Vileikis
2 months ago

MySQL Schema Design: Back to The Future?

Once developers find themselves in the MySQL world, they will almost certainly hear some advice on how they should go about designing database schemas in MySQL. This blog post will provide insight into what you should consider when dealing with database schemas in MySQL.

By Lukas Vileikis
3 months ago